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DYgraphs is a fast, flexible open source JavaScript charting library. It allows users to explore and interpret dense data sets. Here's how it works: The chart is interactive: you can mouse over to highlight individual values. You can click and drag to zoom. Double-clicking will zoom you back out. Shift-drag will pan. You can change the number and hit enter to adjust the averaging period Add Beautiful Charts to your PHP Applications & Websites using CanvasJS. Charts are Responsive & support Zooming, Panning, Animation, Exporting, Events & Realtime Updates. It comes with 30 different types of Charts including line, column, bar, stacked column, range, spline, area, pie, doughnut, stock charts, etc. To top it all off, it can easily render thousands of data-points without any performance lag. CanvasJS has a very simple API which lets you to add beautiful HTML5 Charts into your. phpChart is a powerful and easy-to-use PHP charting and graphing component for rendering responsive, interactive, and data-driven Ajax HTML5 charts. Create interactive charts and graphs for your online report with only TWO lines of PHP code

pChart is a PHP class oriented framework designed to create aliased charts. Most of todays chart libraries have a cost, our project is intended to be free. Data can be retrieved from SQL queries, CSV files, or manually provided. This project is still under development and new features or fix are made every week JpGraph is free for non-commercial, open source, or educational use, otherwise you can buy a single license for $98 or a bulk license for $788. (These prices are valid as of December, 2010.) JpGraph looks like a decent PHP charting/graphing tool, and I'd certainly give it a spin if I was working on an open source project. It can generated line charts, area charts, pie charts, bar charts, scatter charts, barcodes, and more. As far as I can tell all of these charts are created as. There are many software packages that help create graphs and charts using PHP. One such package is JpGraph. It is released under a dual licence – the QPL 1.0 (Qt Free License) for open source or educational use, and the JpGraph Professional License for commercial use. Let’s discuss the open source version of JpGraph in this article

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Click on text PHP Source to reveal the PHP source code. Each example also shows generated javascript and plugins used. phpChart Area Graph Axis Labels Rotated Text Axis Labels Rotated Text 2 Axis Labels Banded Line Bar, Line, Pie Stacked Graph Bar with Missing Values Bar Chart Bar Chart 2 Basic phpChart Basic phpChart 2 (AJAX) Bezier Curve Block Plot Chart Break on Null Value Bubble. ApexCharts is a modern charting library that helps developers to create beautiful and interactive visualizations for web pages. It is an open-source project licensed under MIT and is free to use in commercial applications. DOWNLOAD VIEW DEMO KoolReport is an intuitive and flexible Open Source PHP Reporting Framework for faster and easier data report delivery. Download KoolReport Currently v5.0.1. What KoolReport can do for you? Containing highly data-focused functionalities, KoolReport save your time & effort in all data related tasks ranging from data retrieval to processing and visualization. Various datasources. Pull your data.

Simple Highcharts Chart Example using PHP MySQL Database By Hardik Savani December 20, 2016 Category : PHP Bootstrap MySql JSON Highcharts Highcharts is a one type js library, that provide to populate bar chart, line chart, area chart, column chart etc. Highcharts library also provide several theme and graphic design that way you can make better layout Although it is JavaScript based, Google Charts has a couple of options to make your charts entirely in PHP. You can either use server-side code(in our case PHP) to get the data, or get one of the..

It is available as GNU GPL-licensed open source software. It is put up on the LAMP architecture -Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. The project managers can plan and monitor their projects online by making use of this open source and free software program. It is a volunteer supported Project Management application. The volunteer group and users manage, maintain, develop and support dotProject. Across all platforms, it is appreciated for its agility as it works on all operating systems. It. Line graph is one of the most commonly used chart types and is very useful especially in the fields of statistics. It is composed of vertical y-axis and a horizontal x-axis which displays series information of data points connected by lines Chart.js is perhaps the classic open source library for generating any type of data chart, graph, or visualization element. Everything is rendered using HTML5 with the added benefit of a canvas element for dynamic effects. Graphs rendered onto an HTML5 canvas allow for hover tooltips and click events to access more information about charted data Open-source. QuickChart is open source, dual licensed under the GNU GPLv3 and a commercial license. You may use images produced by our API for any purpose. Don't build your software on top of proprietary chart formats - use open source

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Zulip is open source (you can access its source code on GitHub) and free to use, but it has paid offerings for on-premises support, LDAP integration, and more storage. Let's Chat. lets-chat.png. Let's Chat is a self-hosted chat solution for small teams. It runs on Node.js and MongoDB and can be deployed to local servers or hosted services with a few clicks. It's free and open source, with the. PHP Bar Charts & Graphs. Bar Chart is represented by horizontal rectangular bars to compare value between different categories / data-series. The below example shows simple Bar Chart along with PHP source code that you can try running locally RGraph contains authentic looking 3D Bar charts, Pie and Donut charts, Horizontal Bar charts and progress bars. This one has an offset Y axis - though there are lots of examples across both SVG and canvas of other types of charts. The configuration of these charts is similar to a regular chart

This tutorial shows how to create a HTML5 Gantt chart in a simple PHP/Javascript web application. It uses the Gantt chart control from DayPilot Pro for JavaScript library. It loads data from a sample SQLite database. Supports drag and drop, task editing using a modal dialog, inline task creating, task groups and milestones Chart.js is an open source JavaScript library that allows you to create animated, beautiful, and interactive charts on your application. It's available under the MIT License. With Chart.js, you can create various impressive charts and graphs, including bar charts, line charts, area charts, linear scale, and scatter charts Tuchart is a visualization interface for the Chinese stock market. Tuchart supports candlestick charts, price charts, tick data, high-frequency data and distribution of top shareholders for individual stocks. Tuchart是一个基于pyqt和echarts的股票视觉化应用。Tuchart 支持日/月线,分笔,高频数据,前十股东分笔的视觉 VAR 3.5°5'E (2015) ANNUAL DECREASE 8' Edit. Map with JOSM Remote; View. Weather; Sea Marks; Harbours; Tidal Scale; Spor

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  1. n3-charts. n3-charts is also an open source JavaScript chart library and it makes the life of the Angular developer easy. n3-charts is built on top of D3.js and AngularJS, hence it posses more.
  2. Top 70 Business Process Management Software: Open Source and Free BPM Tools : Review of Best Business Process Management Software including IBM Blueworks Live, KiSSFLOW BPM, Zoho Creator, Appian, Nintex, Alfresco Activiti, Oracle Business Process Management, Pega 7 BPM, HEFLO, K2 blackpearl, Visio, Intellect Accelerate, OpenText MBPM, OpenEdge BPM, Metastorm BPM, Adobe LiveCycle, IBM WebSphere.
  3. utes. Plus, you never have to worry about cross-browser or cross-device issues, thereby always focusing on what matters. Variety of Chart types. Our PHP Charts allows you to choose a multitude of chart types allowing you to present a right face for your data. All the charts are rendered.

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a PHP Class to build Charts: pChart 2.x is born, you can start moving your script to this new version. The new website is at www.pchart.net. Select the kind of chart you want to render. Line chart: Cubic curve chart: Plot chart: Bar chart: Filled Line chart: Filled Cubic curve chart: 2. Fill-in the data series . Build your series by providing the number associated with each plot. To add a. JpGraph is an Object-Oriented Graph creating library for PHP5 (>=5.1) and PHP7.0 The library is completely written in PHP and ready to be used in any PHP scripts (both CGI/APXS/CLI versions of PHP are supported). Latest Pro-release. 11 Nov: JpGraph-4.3.4-pro (4.3.4-pro) Fix the issue about undefined offset 16 Oct: JpGraph-4.3.3-pro (4.3.3-pro

PHP dashboard open source code for the chart will automatically generate, you may copy past this code to your PHP application. Get a real-time dashboard open source. The Open source dashboard is D3.js based, driven dynamic dashboard, it fetches data from various types of data sources and shows dashboards in real-time. The PHP source code generated by the open-source dashboard for you, which. I was wondering what free or open source options there are out there for creating organizational charts This is an Open Source PHP Reporting Framework which you can use to write perfect data reports or to construct awesome dashboards using PHP - koolphp/koolrepor Style any chart as you require. Credit Kingyo. Credit Kingyo. Credit Kingyo. a complete solution LiveCharts includes Solid gauges, Angular gauges, maps and more! powerful LiveCharts is not just beauty charts, this example contains 100,000 points, this example uses LiveCharts.Geared it is the official package to improve performance in the open source library Open Source Constant improvements. Free Open Source Chartplotter and Marine GPS Navigation Software. OpenCPN Chart Plotter Navigation . Win Mac Linux Raspberry Pi. Concise and robust Chart Plotter Navigation software. Designed to be used at the helm station of your boat while underway. Chart a course and track your position right from your laptop. Show Me More. Start . Charts. Plugins. Featured image: Sailing by Spencer Davis.

Chart.js is perhaps the classic open source library for generating any type of data chart, graph, or visualization element. Everything is rendered using HTML5 with the added benefit of a canvas element for dynamic effects. Graphs rendered onto an HTML5 canvas allow for hover tooltips and click events to access more information about charted data. The various options range from pie charts, bar. Easy to use free and open source web based double entry accounting software written in PHP - MySQL. Benifits : Free and Open Source under MIT License; No setup required; Works on Shared Hosting environment ; Community driven; PHP 5+ Supported; MySQL and Postgres SQL Server Supported; Features : Chart of Accounts (Groups and Ledgers) Dynamic Entry Types (Receipt, Payment, Contra, Journal, etc. Cachet is the free and open source status page for your API, service or company. Built with all of the features that you'd expect from a status page, Cachet comes with a powerful API, a metric system, multiple user support, two factor authentication for added security and is easy to get setup. A powerful, self-hosted alternative to StatusPage.io and Status.i 28 Free, Open Source and Top Flowchart Software. Business operations and projects involve complex processes and procedures. There is a need to understand each one of them to comprehend how efforts are being directed towards achieving organisational objectives. One may need to spend some time analysing reports and plans to follow things such as the progress and overall direction of the business. Freie und Open Source Software gibt Ihnen, dem Nutzer, die Freiheit, OpenProject ohne Einschränkungen zu betreiben, zu teilen, zu analysieren und anzupassen. OpenProject ist unter der GNU GPL v3 lizenziert. Mehr Erfahren. Hosting in der EU. Mit der OpenProject Enterprise cloud edition liegen Ihre Daten auf sicheren Servern innerhalb der EU. Sowohl Datencenter als auch Netzwerkarchitektur.

Open Source: 18 Shopsysteme im Überblick. Bilder. Magento stellt in Deutschland einen großen Anteil der existierenden Shop-Installationen, und ist als mächtige Lösung am besten auf. Query a MySQL Database using PHP to get a Gantt chart. Master Details DB. Query a Database using a PHP script page to serve the detailed monthly data. Month DB. Query a Database using PHP to get day data for a month. Months DB. Query a Database using PHP to get data grouped by months. Multi Chart DB . Multiple charts that query a Database using PHP. Multi Series DB. Query a Database using PHP. 77 Open Source, Free and Top Dashboard Software : Review of 77 Open Source, Free and Top Dashboard Software including Top Dashboard Software Open Source: Seal Report, ReportServer Community Edition, Metabase, Shiny are some of the Dashboard Software Open Source.Top Dashboard Software Free: Google Data Studio, Cyfe, QlikView Personal Edition, Databox, Cluvio, Kyubit Business Intelligence.

This MySQL based open source PHP ecommerce platform can run on Windows, Linux, and Unix, but has an issue with Macs. It's not SEO friendly, has a bad rep for service and support, and doesn't have a gift certificate feature or a low stock alert. In short, it's not a platform we would readily recommend. That said, AFCommerce has a few surprises, like a one-page checkout Gantt chart control for WPF. Tags. No tags have been added In a Nutshell, WPF Gantt chart... No code available to analyze. Open Hub computes statistics on FOSS projects by examining source code and commit history in source code management systems. This project has no code locations, and so Open Hub cannot perform this analysis. Is this project's source code hosted in a publicly available. I listed 10 BEST Free and Open Source BI Tools for you as a reference. Welcome to take full advantage of it! An In-Depth Look at the Most Powerful Free and Open Source BI Tool 1. FineReport . Financial Dashboard Template by FineReport. FineReport is a BI tool that adopts popular 3-tier architecture. The most distinct is its reporting capabilities. Because FineReport can be seamlessly.

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qdPM is a free open source web-based project management tool written in symfony framework for small team. Powerful configuration will help you configure this tool as you need. You can easy manage people, projects and tasks. Using qdPM you will save time Open Source desktop project management Open Workbench. Open Workbench is a desktop application for project management and scheduling in which you can define a work breakdown structure, set dependencies and resource constraints, assign resources to tasks, auto schedule and then monitor progress. ProjectLibre #1 alternative to Microsoft Project : Project Management software Kanboard. Kanban. Chartist is an open source charting library that enables you to create highly customizable and responsive charts. The tool provides simple handling while using convention over configuration, as well as flexibility while using clear separation of concerns. Chartist is DPI independent, offers responsive configuration with media queries, and customizable with Sass. The service also allows for. KPI dashboards produced by our KPI open source software are full dynamic which is based on D3.js framework one of the most widely used JavaScript library for producing dynamic data in a browser. KPI dashboard uses the widely implemented SVG, HTML5, and CSS standards which can be created either static or real-time data coming from a variety data sources including Excel

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Modern, Open Source SVG Charts. GitHub-inspired simple and modern SVG charts for the web with zero dependencies Ember Charts is another great open source library built with D3.js and Ember.js. It provides time series, bar, pie, and scatter charts that are easily customizable. It uses SVG to render charts.. I Was Here is a simple, free, and open-source PHP Student Attendance Management System. It may not be the best in the world, but it is at least a complete basic system and will give the developers a quick boost with all the essentials done. = LICENSE = I Was Here is released under the MIT License. = REQUIREMENTS = I Was Here should work on any modern AMP server. MOD_REWRITE and PHP_PDO. Orangescrum is the best open source enterprise project management and collaboration tool, helps you to manage projects, team, and tasks at one place and accelerate business with enterprise features. Enterprise; Features. Make your exploration a success, save yourselves a lot of time & directly get the insights you need. Talk to us Now. Executive Report & Dashboard. Real-time Project Portfolio.

Open Source Storage and Computing at In-Memory Speeds. Pricing. Chat. Contact. In-Memory Computing. Store your data in RAM, spread and replicate it across a cluster of machines, and perform data-local computation on it. Replication gives you resilience to failures of cluster nodes. Hazelcast is an open-source distributed In-memory object store supporting a wide variety of data structures such. sChat (or SimpleChat or SimpleChat.Support) is an open source and very basic live chat app written by a JavaScript/Meteor developer. It is free and MIT licensed This website presents a list of free and open source Scrum tools and solutions for Agile project and product management: sprints and releases planning, velocity, product backlog, user stories and epics management, sprint tracking with burndown or burnup charts, planning poker, retrospectives, product owners, scummaster. Scrum is an iterative and incremental project management framework for.

Our PHP module comes with event support for mouse, keyboard, and more, enabling you to add charts in runtime during any lifecycle phase of the application. All our charts are mobile first by default, and responsive across all devices. Further, all charts & graphs are tested and built for millions of data points, without any performance issues AngularJS Event Calendar Tutorial (Open-Source) Sample AngularJS calendar application: Day and week view, loading data using AJAX, drag and drop, event editing using a modal dialog. PHP backend. License. DayPilot Lite for JavaScript is open-source (Apache License 2.0). Weekly Event Calenda

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React open source community vs. Angular. If you read our last article about React open-source projects, we want to warn you there are much fewer high-quality projects on Angular than those using React or Vue. In our opinion, this is caused by several reasons: According to common opinion, Angular is more difficult to develop than React and Vue Reportico PHP Report Designer An Open Source PHP web reporting tool. Design reports. Build Report Menus. Embed reports in web pages. Add criteria selection. Run to HTML, PDF, CSV. Groups. Charts. Expressions. Drilldowns. Bootstrap compatible. Optional modules for Joomla, Yii 1.1 and 2.0 and Laravel. Demo Sales Reports Downloa For some, it may not be the best modern eCommerce platform but if you want a good open-source PHP-based alternative, it is worth a try. In most of the web hosting platforms with one-click app installation support, OpenCart should be available to setup. To learn more about it, you can head to its official website and check out th

Open Source Trello Alternatives. The best open source alternative to Trello is Wekan, which is both free and Open Source.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 100 alternatives to Trello and loads of them is open source so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement Also, unlike Gantt chart tool open source options that simply give you the code, we offer walkthroughs and videos so you can get started even if you have no programming experience. Bitrix24 combines the best of both worlds: free software with user guides. This is perfect for small teams who can't afford premium packages and may not have the technical expertise for open source Gantt charts. How to Create a Gantt Chart App Using PHP Laravel. 2 Ways to Export Your Gantt Diagram. Online Export. Use our online service to export your Gantt chart to PNG, PDF, Excel, iCal or MS Project formats. It's provided free of charge under your active license subscription. Learn more. Local module. Get your own local module for your server to export Gantt to PDF, PNG or MS Project formats. Choose.

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Free and open source Scrum tools allow to manage user stories, epics roadmaps, releases, product backlogs, retrospectives, planning poker, sprints definition and tracking, using for instance burndown charts and velocity. Kanban is a Lean approach that was initially used in Japan in industrial production contexts. It encourages a pull approach to project management and the limitation of the. OK, Open Flash Chart 1.x was great and it works like a dream. But I made some little mistakes which over time grew and anyoyed me and made the source code weird. So I decided it was time to re-jigger the code and make it pretty again. The big change is moving the data format to JSON. This has made a big difference and has allowed some pretty cool new features The Open Source PHP Reporting Tool Design. Run. Embed Reports. Criteria Groups Charts Expressions Drilldowns Integrated plugins for Joomla, Laravel, Yii 1.1 and 2.0 and October CMS. Demo Quickstart. Now Available! Reportico 7 Improved Look and Feed Framework and Report Builder Click here for more inf Open source means transparent. OpenCart comes with free downloads and updates. Zero monthly fees. Benefit from our built-in SEO. Easy manage products, customers, orders, taxes rules, coupon codes and more. The biggest eCommerce selections of modules and themes to expand your store functionality. We've got you covered Numerous chart style options. Date axes with customizable formatting. Up to 9 Y axes. Rotated axis text. Automatic trend line computation. Tooltips and data point highlighting. Sensible defaults for ease of use. jqPlot is an open source project by Chris Leonello. Download Now! Free and Open Source...but worth more! Consider a Donation. jqPlot's Strongest Feature is its Pluggability.

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Open source project management software for classic, agile or hyprid project management: task management Gantt charts boards team collaboration time and cost reporting FREE trial 3. Dygraphs. Dygraphs is an open-source JavaScript charting library best suited for extremely large data sets. It is interactive out of the box, with pinch and zoom support even on mobile devices. An open source application by definition is software that you can freely access and modify the source code for. Open source projects typically are worked on by a community of volunteer programmers. Open source GIS programs are based on different base programming languages. Three main groups of open source GIS (outside of web GIS) in terms of. NASA Open Source Agreement 1.3 (NASA-1.3) OSET Public License version 2.1 (OSET-PL-2.1) SIL Open Font License 1.1 (OFL-1.1) Unicode License Agreement - Data Files and Software; The Unlicense (Unlicense) Upstream Compatibility License v1.0 (UCL-1.0) Other/Miscellaneous licenses These licenses do not fall neatly into any category pChart is an object oriented php charting library. pChart is released under two licensing models. If your application is freely distributed and meet the GPL requirements, you can use pChart for free under the the GNU GPLv3 license. If you want to integrate it in your commercial products, you'll have to get a commercial license

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